The Cat sometimes hates its owner touching it, as if it would smudge their clean body, while the dog wants the owner to touch it all day long.

The dog likes to be touched on the belly and enjoys it, while the cat’s stomach seems to be a restricted area.

The dog is very active, and he wants to be outside every day. Many owners say that when they go out to walk the dog, dogs often refuse to go home. Cats like to nest at home and don’t want to leave their territory for half a step. For them, it’s much more fun to find a place to sleep than to go out.

Dogs are eager for human praise so that they can be mentally satisfied. The cat does not care what you think about it.

These are just some differences between cats and dogs, not the defects of cats and dogs. Some people like dogs, while some people like cats. We have to respect other people’s preferences. We can never say that dogs are not good in front of people who like dogs, and say bad things about cats in front of people who like cats.
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