The short feet of the Munchkin are a feature of the cat. The Munchkin is cheerful and lively, friendly, easy to get along with and sensitive to the surrounding reaction. Like a child who has not grown up, all its life to retain the kitten’s innocent and lively characteristics.

Norwegian forest cats have thicker coats and stronger bodies than other cats. They run very fast and are not afraid of the sun and rain.

The Bengal cat is gentle and has the wild beauty of the Ocelot. It is always energetic, with the confidence and alertness of a sportsman, and has a strong curiosity.

British shorthair cat is round and fat, with thick and developed limbs, short and dense coat, big head and round face. They are always gentle and calm, and friendly to people.

The napoleon cat is a cross between the babyface of a traditional Persian cat and the short legs of a manquikan. They are gentle and obedient personality, but like to take risks.